It was in 1970 that the CAHA reconfigured their junior tier, creating two separate classifications - Major Junior and Junior "A." The Major Junior class encompassed the teams that made up the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League while the Junior "A" section included the remaining junior teams within the association. With the Memorial Cup established as a trophy exclusively for teams in the "Canadian Major Junior Hockey League", the Manitoba Centennial Trophy served as the trophy for the champions of this new Junior "A" division.


Original - Centennial Cup

The Manitoba Centennial Trophy, commonly referred to as the Centennial Cup (original trophy pictured on 1980 program cover), was presented to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) by the Manitoba Amateur Hockey Association to commemorate their centennial year of 1970.


Centennial Cup 1990 Logo

The Red Deer Rustlers of the Alberta Junior Hockey League defeated the Charlottetown Islanders in 1971 to claim the inaugural Canadian Junior A Championship and Manitoba Centennial Trophy, often referred to as the "Centennial Cup".

The Tournament Format:

The format of this championship changed many times over the years.

  • 1971-78:
  • West vs East, in a best-of-seven series
  • 1979-81:
  • Central Region added, round-robin, top two play in a best-of-seven series.
  • 1982-84:
  • Reverted back to a West vs East, in a best-of-seven series
  • 1985-89:
  • A Host & Central Region added, to go along with a East & West region, tournament round-robin, each team plays the others once (top team gets bye to final, lowest team eliminated), a semifinal game & final game.
  • 1990-95:
  • Pacific region added, to go along with Host, Central, East & West regions, tournament round-robin (lowest team eliminated), two semifinals with winners qualifing for the final.

For historical winners list visit this page National Champion Winners List.




Second Version - Centennial Cup Third Version - Centennial Cup

There were actually three versions of the Centennial Cup made during its run as the National Junior 'A' Championship from 1971 to 1995.

The reasons for this is as yet still unknown but, it is believed to be a combination of possibly a missing trophy (later turning up), trophy being damaged and/or someone deciding they needed a better one.- info provided by Izak Westgate - Hockey Hall of Fame

Version #1, The Original - lady holding wreath on top of covered bowl, a center column of seven tiered blocks(six even square blocks on a slightly larger one) with a styleized wreath on the sixth , two stacked blocks(each slightly larger towards the bottom) that have five shields per side per block on top of a bit larger but narrower base , can be viewed in the photos of champions on the CJHL website, presented from 1971 - 1986. It is also on the Centennial Cup Program Cover of 1990.

Version #2, Changes - bison on top of the covered bowl, a maple leaf on the center columns' sixth tier and the two base blocks have one metal strip per side per tier as pictured in the Hockey Hall Of Fame, was active in 1987, 1988 & 1989.

Version #3, New Trophy - hockey player on top of large cup with handels to the side on top of three stacked blocks(each slightly larger towards the bottom) that have one metal strip per side per block on top of a bit larger but narrower base, as pictured on the Vernon Vipers program cover of 1990-91 & 1991-92, was presented from 1990 to 1995.


The Manitoba Centennial Cup was retired following the championships of 1995. The version of this trophy, with bison on top, currently resides in the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto. - info provided by Izak Westgate - Hockey Hall of Fame



The format of this web page is dedicated to the late Marty Knack(1943-2005) of the former Canadian Junior Amateur Hockey League (CJAHL).

It was in late 2003 that I asked Marty if I could copy the information that he had accumulated and published on the CJAHL site. Not surprisingly Marty gave me permission and you can view the original script HERE. I have since tried to keep the information too as close to the original format as possible.

Thanks, Marty, for all you hard work, may you rest in peace, Paul C. Beugeling

Please note : This Centennial Cup history document requires much more research, to complete the information, to an acceptable manner. If you can help with any additional scores, rosters, trophy winners, all-star teams, etc : I would sincerely appreciate your additions.

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This historical publication is dedicated to the late PAUL FENDLEY of the 1972 Centennial Cup Champion Guelph CMCs. Fendley lost his life as a result of striking his head on the ice, after being checked and losing his helmet. The accident happened in the Cup final series against the Red Deer Rustlers. Hockey is an inherently physical game and occasionally catastrophic accidents will take place in spite of all attempts of risk management. Paul will always be remembered for playing well in a national championship and hopefully the memory of him will ensure every effort towards the Centennial Cup tournaments of the future to be safe ones.

The following two articles appeared in local papers on this subject :


Paul Fendley will be buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Norval, today. The 19 year old son of Phoebe Hunter Collins and the late Norman Fendley died in Kitchener-Waterloo General Hospital Monday from a head injury received in a Centennial Cup junior hockey game in Guelph, Friday night.

With his team playing short-handed, Fendley was checked by a player from the Red Deer Rustlers after nine minutes of the third period. He was knocked off balance and spun around trying to stay on his skates. He lost his protective helmet as he fell, striking the back of his head with full impact.

Fendley was leading scorer on the Guelph CMC's of the Southern Ontario Hockey Association Junior 'A' League who went on to win the game and the cup.

A Georgetown resident, he played his minor hockey here before playing for the Brantford Majors two years ago in the SOHA Junior 'A' League during the 1970–71 season.

In that year he scored 10 goals and nine assists for 19 points in 20 games. On January 9 he was involved in a trade which moved him to Guelph.

With the CMC's he scored 10 goals and 15 assists in 23 games.

A center, Fendley was Guelph's leading scorer in the 26 game playoff series netting 14 goals and assisting on 18 others for 32 points.

In an 8-4 victory he scored five goals and two assists."He would have had a good future in the game", said Guelph general manager Brent Madill. "He would have been a draft prospect for the National Hockey League".

He never regained consciousness after falling to the ice in the third period of the final game and suffering what doctors at the game said was a fractured skull.

Paul leaves his mother, a sister Bonnie (Mrs Fattore) of Hamilton, and a brother Tom at home.

Funeral service today is at Norval Presbyterian Church.

by Rob Massey, Mercury Sports Editor May 8, 1992


Twenty years ago today, hockey fans in Guelph wanted to celebrate.

They wanted to celebrate, but they just couldn't. It wouldn't be right. They had this hollow feeling in their stomachs that just wouldn't go away.

On May 8, 1972, 19 year old Paul Fendley of Georgetown succumbed to injuries suffered 73 hours earlier at Memorial Gardens in the Guelph CMC's Centennial Cup winning game.

"It was sad, real sad," recalls Joe Holody. "It was areal fluke but as it turned out, it wasn't that much of a fluke."

Midway through the third period of Guelph's 3-0 win over the Red Deer Rustlers - a win that completed a four game sweep of the Canadian Junior 'A' final for Guelph's first Centennial Cup win - Fendley was injured in a freak accident.

With the CMC's playing a man short and Fendley trying to waste as much of that penalty time as possible, he was spun around by a routine check near the penalty box by Red Deer's Doug Lindskog. Fendley was knocked off balance by the check and fell to the ice, although he tried to retain possession of the puck. However, the ill-fated player lost his helmet in the collision and the back of his head smacked the ice surface.

"I was sitting right there by the penalty box," says Holody. "He was checked, flew up in the air and landed on his head."

Fendley was examined immediately by team physician Dr. Don Fraser before being taken unconscious to Guelph General Hospital. Fendley was rushed from there to Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital were he died three days later.

There had been talk prior to Fendley's injury that the CMC's, as Canadian Junior 'A' Champions, would challenge for the right to participate in the Memorial Cup tournament for the national major junior championship. Those plans, though, were abandoned.

"No matter what would've happened, it would've been a sad, sad situation," says Holody. "The players didn't feel like playing and there wouldn't have been much to celebrate if we had won."

"It was dampened," remembers Len Gaudette, who was a member of the CMC's executive and would later become general manager of the club. "It was quite a bit of a shock."

Fendley had been an integral part of the CMC's championship-winning team. He had started the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League season with Brantford before being obtained by the Royal City squad in a mid-season trade. He netted 20 goals and 24 assists during the regular season, but became the team's scoring leader in the playoffs when he collected 14 goals and 18 assists.

"At the funeral as everybody went by, one of his team-mates slipped the championship puck into the casket so he was buried with it," says Gaudette.

Although Fendley had nothing concrete as far as the NHL was concerned, it was thought that his future was bright. NHL scouts had been impressed with his improvement during his junior career and he had received scholarship offers from a couple of American universities.

"I think he had potential," said Holody. "I think he would have made it in the NHL."

While Fendley is remembered for his hockey exploits, Gaudette remembers him for his personality."He was a very nice person," says Gaudette. "He wasn't the type who was getting upset and swearing all the time. He was the kind that parents would be proud to bring up."

While the memory of that dark moment in Guelph hockey history might have faded, the memory of the teenaged hockey player who passed away before his time has not.

Holody, whose teams would win the Centennial Cup later in the decade after he kept junior 'A' hockey in the Royal City alive,pays tribute to Fendley on any team he sponsors, regardless of the age group.

"We've never used his number 18 in any game after that - in any team I've sponsored since then, it's always been part of the deal," stated Holody. "We've never used his number."

A portrait of Fendley hangs in the lobby of Memorial Gardens and a scholarship in his memory is awarded annually by the Guelph Platers' Junior 'B' squad.


Storm Pay Tribute to Fendley(Nov. 15, 2008

By: Eamonn Maher Georgetown Independant & Free Press

Paul Fendley's number 18 jersey has been unofficially retired by junior hockey teams in Guelph since his death in May of 1972, but it finally became official at a ceremony on Saturday night.

The 19-year-old Norval native died three days after an on-ice collision that fractured his skull during the final minutes of the Guelph CMCs' series-clinching victory over the visiting Red Deer Rebels for the Centennial Cup Tier II Jr. A hockey national championship.

A banner with Fendley's picture and number were raised to the rafters of the Sleeman Centre Saturday prior to the Ontario Hockey League contest between the Guelph Storm and the Kitchener Rangers in an emotional ceremony. The banner was slowly raised to the rafters as the Highland Creek Pipes and Drum band played Amazing Grace.

"You know, people ask me if I'm upset that it took so long," said Paul's brother Tom Fendley, his lone surviving family member, after Saturday's ceremony. "But I'm not upset. The important thing is it was done and he is being remembered."

About a dozen CMC teammates were on hand for the event, along with many fans who were in the packed Memorial Gardens' crowd on that fateful evening.

"Paul was not only a good hockey player, he was a good guy and a good teammate," said Guelph native Doug Riseborough, a member of the CMCs and current general manager of the National Hockey League's Minnesota Wild. "Paul was confident, positive and friendly. The players on that team all remember, with great pride, that win. And with great sadness, that loss."

Ron Fogal, a fellow Georgetown resident and Fendley's best friend at the time of his death, commuted with Fendley to games and practices in Guelph. They played together on Georgetown minor hockey squads from peewee through midget that won a provincial title and were members of the only local team to ever capture the Georgetown international bantam tournament.

Both moved on to the major junior level- Fendley with the Peterborough Petes and Fogal as a defenceman with the London Knights- before ending up being acquired by Guelph for the championship run.

"It was well overdue that something be done in memory of Paul because he was a superstar and a real class guy," Fogal said.

"I cried for years and years after Paul died. He had everything going for him and we had planned to spend that summer together getting ready to hopefully be drafted and play in the pros. Paul was such a gifted skater- even better than (Guelph teammate) John Van Boxmeer, who was drafted in the first round by the Montreal Canadiens.




» 1971 » 1972 » 1973 » 1974 » 1975 » 1976 » 1977 » 1978 » 1979 | » 1980s | » 1990s

Format - West vs East, in a best-of-seven series.


1971 - RED DEER RUSTLERS at Charlottetown, PEI

Roster :
Dale Henwood, Brian Ogilvie, Earl Bowie, Mickey Girard, Doug Stumpf, Lorne Bartel, Dave Andruchiw, Leo McDougall, Dwayne Bolkowy, Don Bolkowy, Wayne Savill, Ken McLash, John Laskoski, Reno Siipola, Mickey Unger, Tom Lindskog, Brent Going, Wynn Dempster, Terry Wedderburn, Dennis Resch, Perry Pearn, Jerome Keller, Ross Frisken, John Davidson, Graham Parsons, Lyle Sharp, Terry Wedderburn, Wynne Dempster;

General Manager/Coach : Alf Cadman
Trainer : Bill Scott
Equipment Manager : Hank Sanderson.

Final, defeated CHARLOTTETOWN ISLANDERS (PEIJHL) 4 games to 2 (6-3, 7-3, 4-6, 7-4, 2-7, 7-4)
Western Canada, defeated ST.BONIFACE SAINTS (ManJHL) 4 games to 0 (3-1, 3-2, 4-2, 5-1)
BC/Alberta, defeated PENTICTON BRONCOS (BCJHL) 4 games to 3 (0-2, 4-6, 7-3, 4-0, 6-2, 4-5, 8-2)

NAMES OF NOTE; Al MacAdam (Charlottetown), Brian Ogilvie, Perry Pearn and John Davidson (Red Deer), Marty Howe and Mark Howe (Ontario Junior Hockey League champion Detroit Junior Red Wings, who lost to Charlottetown in the eastern final)


1972 - GUELPH CMCs at Guelph, Ont.

Roster :
Jake Dupuis, John Van Boxmeer, Bill Kestell, John Haight, Ted Lenssen, Bruce Boyd, Brian Shortreed, John Woods, Ed Smith, John Rutherford, Paul Fendley, Terry Gregory, Bruce Herridge, Ron Fogel, Mike Zettle, Dennis Neilly, Peter Marzo, Gary Sittler, Doug Risebrough;

General Manager : Brent Madill
Coach : Bill Taylor
Trainers : Joe Veroni Sr., Joe Veroni Jr., and Ross Nelson.

Final, defeated RED DEER RUSTLERS (AJHL) 4 games to 0 (4-2, 3-2, 3-1, 3-0)
Eastern final, defeated CHARLOTTETOWN (PEIJHL) 4 games to 0 (5-2, 6-3, 5-2, 5-2)
Quarter-finals, defeated THUNDER BAY VULCANS (TBAHA) 4 games to 2 (5-4, 5-4, 3-7, 0-7, 6-2,then defaulted)
Western final, RED DEER defeated HUMBOLDT BRONCOS (SJHL) 4 games to 1 (3-2, 0-7, 6-2, 6-5, 4-2)

NAMES OF NOTE : Doug Risebrough and John Van Boxmeer (Guelph), Al MacAdam (Charlottetown).


1973 - PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE TERRIERS at Brandon/Winnipeg, Man.

Roster :
Dean Magnus, Doug Wood, Al Hilton, Randy Penner, Frank Leswick, Bill Robertson, Warren Remple, John Hewitt, Glen Miller, Dan Bonar, Randy Hextall, Bill Calder, Don Arthur, George Miller, Bob Miller, Scott Hetherington, Richard Christie, John Memryk, Grant Farncombe (Captain), Ty Langton

General Manager/Coach : Murray 'Muzz' MacPherson
Trainers : Max Trigg and Cooney Strong.

Final, defeated PEMBROKE LUMBER KINGS (CJHL) 4 games to 1 (7-5 OT, 4-2, 3-1, 4-6, 4-2)
Western Canada, defeated PENTICTON BRONCOS(BCJHL) 4 games to 3 (1-5, 4-6, 6-4 OT, 3-5, 6-3, 5-3, 6-2)
Man./Sask., defeated HUMBOLDT BRONCOS (SJHL) by default (2-4, 5-1, 7-4, 8-5, 4-7, Humboldt refused to continue after game 5)

NAMES OF NOTE; Tim Young and Rod Schutt (Pembroke Lumber Kings), Dan Bonar (Portage la Prairie Terriers), Bob Nicholson and Grant Mulvey (Penticton)


1974 - SELKIRK STEELERS at Nepean, Ont.

Roster :
Gordie Kaluzniak, Gary Kaluzniak, Chester Reimer, Randy Reimer, Rick Klassen, Ray Mutcheson, Bill Whitehead, Marlin Vanrobaeys, Chris Magnusson, Owen Wilkinson, Ken Neufeld (Captain), Kelly Kehoe, Murray Thomson, Tom Wark, Rick Dorman, Jerry Dudar, Ken Vertz, Erwin Martens, Mike Chubey, Andy Stoesz, Howie Parks

General Manager : Adam Kell
Team Manager : Ron Scherza
Head Coach : George Dorman
Assistant Coach : Don Mitchell
Trainer : Adam Tarnowski

Final, defeated SMITHS FALLS BEARS (CJHL) 4 games to 3 (5-4, 7-4, 0-3, 2-1, 4-6, 4-5 OT, 1-0 OT)
Western Canada, defeated KELOWNA BUCKAROOS (BCJHL) 4 games to 3 (5-4, 0-6, 5-4, 8-3, 4-5 OT, 3-7, 5-2)
Man./Sask., defeated PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS (SJHL) 4 games to 2 (2-4, 3-2, 2-0, 2-8, 7-3, 8-1)

NAMES OF NOTE; Mark Lofthouse and Curt Fraser (Kelowna Buckaroos)


1975 - SPRUCE GROVE METS at Edmonton, Alta.

Roster :
Julian Baretta, Kelly Bunn (Captain), Dave Hoyda, Roy Sommer, Tim Thomlinson, Murray Dea, Barry Brown, Eric Christensen, Dave Morrow, Rick Zaparniuk, Tony Currie, Brian Granfield, Kim Spencer, Keith Hertz, Jim Cross, Dan Shearer, Gerry Cormack, Jeff Elkow, Tony Lecuyer, Brant Sim, Wayne Turner, Vince Magnan, Brady Mason, Paul Messier, Ron Lecuyer

General Manager : Jack Reid
Coach : Doug Messier
Assistant Coach : Bill Moores
Trainers : Charlie Mahood, Buck (Bucky) Buckansky and John Blackwell

Final, defeated GUELPH BILTMORES 4 games to 2 (3-4, 2-3, 4-1, 5-2, 6-3, 6-4 OT)
Western Canada, defeated SELKIRK STEELERS (ManJHL) 4 games to 2 (3-1, 6-5, 3-2, 4-5, 2-4, 4-2)
BC/Alberta, defeated BELLINGHAM BLAZERS (BCJHL) 4 games to 2 (3-4 OT, 0-5, 5-3, 7-3, 8-5, 5-4)
Eastern Final, GUELPH BILTMORES defeated SMITH FALLS BEARS (CJHL)4 games to 2 (8-3, 3-4, 7-2, 6-4, 3-6, 5-2)

MVP : Ron Lecuyer, Spruce Grove
Top Scorer : Ron Lecuyer, Spruce Grove

All-Stars :
Centre : Paul Messier (Spruce Grove)
Right Wing : Ron Lecuyer (Spruce Grove)
Left Wing : Wally Hogg (Guelph)
Defence : Tom Rieck (Guelph)
Defence : Jeff Elkow (Spruce Grove)
Goal : Julian Baretta (Spruce Grove)

NAMES OF NOTE : Craig Hartsburg (Guelph), Tony Currie, Dave Hoyda and Doug Messier (Spruce Grove), Stan Smyl (Bellingham), Wayne Maxner (Gander)


1976 - ROCKLAND NATIONALS at Rockland, Ont.

Roster :
Norman Brisebois, Randy Burman, Gerald Leroux, Michel Brisebois, Gilbert Lecavalier, Luc Prud'Homme, Bill Coe, Jean Thibedeau, Steve Waddington, Bob Moses, Rick Minnie, Rick Gratton, Adrian Facca, Jud Ferguson, Bob Ferguson, Rob McGonigal, Peter Luksa, Cam Thomas, Harvey Milne, Pierre Patenaude, Rick Nicklechuk, George Barrett, Ron Fowler, Glen Duncan, Mike Charbonneau

Coach : Bryan Murray

Final, defeated SPRUCE GROVE METS (AJHL) 4 games to 1 (9-4, 7-1, 5-3, 3-4, 7-3)
Eastern final, defeated CHARLOTTETOWN (PEIJHL) 4 games to 0 (7-4, 10-5, 5-4, 3-2)
Quarter-finals, defeated GUELPH (SOJHL) 4 games to 3 (2-6, 0-3, 2-7, 5-3, 4-1, 6-4, 9-3)

AWARDS; MVP : Gerry Leroux, Rockland

NAMES OF NOTE; Bryan Murray, Coach (Rockland), Rick Vaive (Charlottetown).


1977 - PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS at Prince Albert, Sask.

Roster :
Lorne Schmidt, Paul Kryworuchka, Lester Cey, Brent Lewis, Tim Marchuk, Gary Balicki, Rick Boehm, Brian Boehm, Brent Woolsey, Alvin Moore, Barry Archibald, Garth Green, Roy Schultz, Andy Petryshen, Dave Moore, Ken Bales, Tim Mostowich, Theran Welsh (Captain), Eric Ponath, Rick Nischke
General Manager/Coach : Terry Simpson
Assistant Manager : Fergie Ewanchyna
Assistant Coach : Bob Robson
Trainer : Steve Peneff

Final, defeated PEMBROKE LUMBER KINGS (CJHL) 4 games to 0 (6-4, 5-4, 6-3, & 4-3)
Western Canada, defeated CALGARY CANUCKS (AJHL) 4 games to 1 (7-6, 8-4, 7-3, 6-7, 8-5)
Man./Sask., defeated DAUPHIN KINGS (ManJHL) 4 games to 1 (7-6, 3-5, 2-1, 10-7, 10-1)
Eastern Final, PEMBROKE LUMBER KINGS defeated CHARLOTTETOWN (PEI)4 games to 0 (7-4, 7-6, 9-8, 8-3)

All-Stars :
Centre : Al Moore (Prince Albert)
Right Wing : Doug Harvey (Pembroke)
Left Wing : Lorne Schmidt (Prince Albert)
Defence : Theran Welsh (Prince Albert)
Defence : Rob McGonigal (Pembroke)
Goal : Gino Yanire (Pembroke)

MVP : Barry Archibald, Prince Albert
Top Scorer : Barry Archibald and Al Moore, Prince Albert

NAMES OF NOTE; Terry Simpson (Prince Albert), Bryan Murray (Pembroke)


1978 - GUELPH PLATERS at Guelph, Ont.

Roster :
Terry Cullen, George McPhee, Paul Kistner, Don McLeod, Larry Wilson, Rob Gemmell, Jim Wilson, Dave Brazel, Mark Aitken, Tim Sittler, Brian McLellan, Rene Laarman, Tim Abbott, Ted Kewley, Brian Hayward, Rick Clark, Paul Devorski, Tom Reick, Phil McKenzie, Barclay Haddad, Bob Clayton

Owner : Joe Holody
General Manager : Alex Campagnarv
Head Coach : Ron Smith
Assistant Coaches : Mike Mahoney & Gary Spoar
Trainers : Bob Smith & Doug Stahlbaum

Final, defeated PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS (SJHL) 4 games to 0 (7-2, 6-2, 6-3, & 8-2)
Eastern final, defeated CHARLOTTETOWN (PEIJHL) 4 games to 2
Quarter finals, defeated DEGAGNE (Thunder Bay)

All-Stars :
Forward : Terry Cullen (Guelph)
Forward : George McPhee (Guelph)
Forward : Brad Tippett (Prince Albert)
Defence : Brian McLellan (Guelph)
Defence : Jim Wilson (Guelph)
Goal : Brian Hayward (Guelph)

AWARDS : MVP : Terry Cullen, Guelph

NAMES OF NOTE; Brian Hayward, George McPhee, Brian McLellan, Paul Devorski and coach Ron Smith (Guelph), Brad Tippett and Kelly McCrimmon, (Prince Albert)

Format Change - Central Region added, round-robin, top two play in a best-of-seven series.


1979 - PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS at Prince Albert, Sask.

Roster :
Brad Tippett, Dave Moore, Kim Bosch, Brent Woolsey, Wayne Woodman, Tim Mostowich, Mike Orr, Ken Thompson, Gary Balicki, Lorne Schmidt, Ray Gregorash, Peter Anholt, Brian Boehm, Arley Olson, Steve Schmidt, Dean Burles, Eric Ponath, Mark Davidner, Glenn White, Dave Tippett, Mark Odnokon, Dave Michayluk, Richard Ostrow

General Manager/Coach : Terry Simpson
Assistant Coach : Gord Nelson
Trainer : Steve Peneff

Final ..Prince Albert 5 Sherwood-Parkdale 3 (OT)

Prince Albert Raiders : 4, 3, 1, 23, 18, 6
Sherwood-Parkdale Metros (PEI) : 4, 2, 2, 1, 9 24, 4
Guelph Platers : 4, 1, 3, 19, 19, 2

Round-robin scores
Sherwood-Parkdale 2 vs Prince Albert 7
Guelph 5 vs Sherwood-Parkdale 6
Prince Albert 5 vs Guelph 4
Sherwood-Parkdale 6 vs Prince Albert 8
Prince Albert 3 vs Guelph 6
Guelph 4 vs Sherwood-Parkdale 5

MVP : Dunston Carroll, Sherwood-Parkdale
Top Scorer :
Most Sportsmanlike : Dave Moore, Prince Albert

All-Stars :
Centre : Dunston Carroll, Sherwood-Parkdale
Right Wing : Eric Ponath, Prince Albert
Left Wing : Mike Marquis, Guelph
Defence : Brian Ostroski, Sherwood-Parkdale
Defence : Dean Burles, Prince Albert
Goal : Mark Davidner, Prince Albert

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (Chapstick player of the year)
Winner : Tom Manley (Nepean, CJHL)
Runners-up : Bruce Campbell (New Waterford, EJHL), Karl Friesen (Kildonan, ManJHL)

NAMES OF NOTE : Brad Tippett, Peter Anholt and Terry Simpson (Prince Albert), Clint Malarchuk, Jim Benning and Gary Yaremchuk (Fort Saskatchewan)


» 1970s | » 1980 » 1981 » 1982 » 1983 » 1984 » 1985 » 1986 » 1987 » 1988 » 1989 | » 1990s


1980 - RED DEER RUSTLERS at North York, Ont.

Roster :
Brent Sutter, Rory Delouise, Doug Rigler, Darren McKay, Ray Houle, Rich Sutter, Ron Sutter, Ron Pierce, Brian Ford, Ivan Krook, Bob Bedier, Bill Blanchard, Tony Wozny, Joe DeMoissac, Garth Hildebrand, Darwin Casebeer, Darrell Anholt, Randy Moller, Glen Johanneson, Joe Cunningham, Roger Pierce, Gord Ing, Darryl Pierce

General Manager : Graham Parsons
Head Coach : John Chapman
Trainers : Terry Sexsmith and Cliff Bailey
Statistician : Kim Marsh

Final : Red Deer 3 North York 2

Red DeerRustlers : 4 3 1 18 15 6
North York Rangers : 4 2 2 16 15 4
Sherwood-Parkdale Metros (PEI) : 4 1 3 19 23 2

Round-robin scores;
Sherwood 7 vs North York 6 2OT
North York 2 vs Red Deer 0
Red Deer 6 vs Sherwood 3
North York 4 vs Sherwood 3
Red Deer 5 vs North York 4 2OT
Sherwood 6 vs Red Deer 7 2OT

MVP : Brent Sutter, Red Deer
Top Scorer : Bill Colville, North York
Most Sportsmanlike : Doug Rigler, Red Deer

All-Stars : Centre : Bill Colville, North York
Right Wing : Doug Rigler, Red Deer
Left Wing : Paul Bernard, Sherwood-Parkdale
Defence : Jim File, North York
Defence : Randy Moller, Red Deer
Goal : Brian Ford, Red Deer

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (Chapstick Player of the Year)
Winner : Bruce Campbell, North River North Stars (PEI)
Runners-up : Brent Sutter, Red Deer Rustlers (AJHL),Dave O'Brien, Dixie (OHAPJHL)

NAMES OF NOTE : Brent Sutter, Rich Sutter, Ron Sutter, Randy Moller, John Chapman (Red Deer) Greg Paslawski, Robin Bartel and Peter Anholt (Prince Albert); Wendell Young (Cole Harbour)



Roster :
James Patrick, Peter Anholt, Dave Tippett, Bill Watson, Tim Braaten, Norm Chabot, Dave Reierson, Barcley Rocheleau, Bruce Walliser, Steve Reierson, Mark Odnokon, Carl Van Camp, Doug Henricks, Warren Harper, Robin Bartel, Kevin Lunney, Gil Hudon, Blaine Stork, Rick Wilson, Bob Lowes, Greg Paslawski, Owen Felske;

President : Terry Simpson
Assistant General Manager/Head Coach : Lyle Roland
Trainer : Peter Freisen

Final : Prince Albert 6 Belleville 2

Prince Albert Raiders : 4 3 1 24 12 6
Belleville Bulls : 4 3 1 17 14 6
Cole Harbour Colts : 4 0 4 11 26 0

Round-robin scores;
Cole Harbour 3 vs Belleville 5
Prince Albert 7 vs Cole Harbour 2
Belleville 1 vs Prince Albert 4
Belleville 5 vs Cole Harbour 3
Cole Harbour 3 vs Prince Albert 9
Prince Albert 4 vs Belleville 6

MVP : James Patrick, Prince Albert
Top Scorer : Dave Tippett, Prince Albert
Most Sportsmanlike : Mochie Friesen, Cole Harbour

All-Stars :
Centre : Dave Tippett, Prince Albert
Right Wing : Greg Paslawski, Prince Albert
Left Wing : Bill Watson, Prince Albert
Defence : James Patrick, Prince Albert
Defence : Mike Deodato, Belleville
Goal : Dan Burnoiss, Belleville ,/p>

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (Chapstick Player of the Year)
Winner : James Patrick, Prince Albert (SJHL)
Runners-up : Gord Rivington, Nepean (CJHL), Jean "Chico" Beliveau, Moncton (NBJHL)

NAMES OF NOTE; James Patrick, Terry Simpson, Rick Wilson, Dave Tippett, Peter Anholt and Greg Paslawski (Prince Albert)

Format Change - Revert back to a West vs East, in a best-of-seven series.


1982 - PRINCE ALBERT RAIDERS at Prince Albert, Sask.

Roster :
Carl Van Camp, Bill Watson, Barkley Rocheleau, Gil Hudson, Darryl Pierce, Wally Niewchas, Louis Lemire, Robin Bartel, Perry Thomas, Bob Lowes, Arley Olson, Dave Reierson, Mark Odnokon, Warren Harper, Steve Reierson, Doug Hendricks, Alan Stewart, Mark Raedeke, Joe West, John Lamb, Todd Bergen, Al Chatlain, Dean Skiftun, Gavin Federenko

General Manager/Coach : Terry Simpson
Assistant Coach : Rick Wilson
Trainers : Steve Peneff & Peter Friesen

Final, defeated GUELPH HOLODAY PLATERS 4 games to 0 (9-4, 7-3, 6-3, 8-4)
Western Canada, defeated ST.ALBERT SAINTS (AJHL) 4 games to 1 (1-2, 5-4, 5-2, 9-1, 6-1)
Man./Sask., defeated FORT GARRY (ManJHL) 4 games to 2 (2-4, 9-1, 10-3, 5-6, 8-6, 6-5)

MVP : Carl Van Camp, Prince Albert
Top Scorer : Carl Van Camp, Prince Albert

All-Stars :
Centre : Carl Van Camp, Prince Albert
Right Wing : Bill Watson, Prince Albert
Left Wing : Barcley Rocheleau, Prince Albert
Defence : Dave Reierson, Prince Albert
Defence : Peter Herms, Guelph
Goal : Darryl Pierce, Prince Albert

NAMES OF NOTE; Perry Berezan and Craig Coxe (St.Albert), Grant Ledyard (Fort Garry), John Cullen (Guelph), Terry Simpson (Prince Albert)


1983 - NORTH YORK RANGERS at North York, Ont.

Roster :
Dennis McCarroll, Don McLaughlin, Joe McCallion, Tim Bean, Wray Brimmer, Jay Forslund, Dean Harvey, Ken Knight, Jeff Madill, Bob Mantha, Craig Marshall, David Newsom, John Ricketts, Mike Robinson, Tom Van Natter, Bruce McClelland, Joe Vrtik, Nick Servinis, Todd Kwiecien, Don Fawcett, Scott Yearwood, Ray LeBlanc

Managers : Ron Ruffett and Bill Held
Assistant Manager : Russ Evans
General Manager/Coach : Tom Barrett
Assistant Coach : Rick Tarasuk
Trainer : Bert Harvey

Final, defeated ABBOTSFORD FLYERS (BCJHL) 4 games to 0 (9-6, 8-5, 10-3, 10-2)
Eastern Final, defeated HALIFAX LIONS (MarJHL) 4 games to 1 (10-3, 7-6, 1-8, 7-5(OT), 9-3)
Ontario Final, defeated THUNDER BAY (USHL) 4 games to 0 (7-1, 8-4, 6-4, 7-4)

MVP : Dennis McCarroll, North York
Top Scorer :
Most Sportsmanlike : Don McLaughlin, North York

NAMES OF NOTE; Craig Berube (Williams Lake Mustangs, PCJHL), Dwight Mathiasen (Abbotsford Flyers, BCJHL), Ray LeBlanc (Dixie)


1984 - WEYBURN RED WINGS at Weyburn, Sask.

Roster :
Ron Amyotte, Mike Spencer, Mark Schneider, Lyle Leach, Ian Resch, Jeff Liszewski, Mark Casavant, Tom Rudy, John Corrigan, Scott Cowie, Jeff Canning, Todd Cornish, Kevin Stephenson, Yvon Prefontaine, Mike Mondor, Mike Bolton, John Brunoro, Blair Wilchynski, Dennis Fontaine, Troy Arndt, Mark Straub, Terry Lloyd, Ward Edwards, Rick Hayko, Pete Anderson

Coach : Dwight McMillan

Final, defeated ORILLIA TRAVELWAYS 4 games to 3 (5-6, 6-4, 7-4, 1-2, 5-8, 5-4, 3-0)
Western Canada, defeated LANGLEY EAGLES (BCJHL) 4 games to 0 (4-3, 5-3, 5-3, 5-4)
Man./Sask., defeated SELKIRK STEELERS (ManJHL) 4 games to 2 (3-5, 5-1, 6-4, 2-5, 5-1, 4-1)

AWARDS : MVP : Ron Amyotte, Weyburn Red Wings
Top Scorer :
Most Sportsmanlike : Ron Amyotte, Weyburn Red Wings

NAMES OF NOTE; Tony Hrkac (Orillia)

Format Change - A Host & Central Region added, to go along with a East & West region, tournament round-robin (top team gets bye to final), semifinal & final.


1985 - ORILLIA TRAVELWAYS at Orillia, Ont.

Roster :
Adam Lewis, Cory Amato, Gary Turpin, Whitey Lacomen, Dennis Schrapp, Ernie Hall, Plumb, Jon Lawson, Tyler Verhaeghe, Mitch Caouette, Dane Nicholls, Scott Brydges, Jamie Clarke, Steve McCharles, Mark Ziliotto, Blair McReynolds, Doug Kirton, Steve King, Brad McClocklin, Guy Jacob, Shawn Lavoy, Brian McReynolds;

General Manager : Bob McFadden
Coach : Gary Marsh
Assistant Coaches : Ray Flaherty and Brad Graham
Trainers : Chuck Edwards and John Orr

Final : Orillia 4 Penticton 2
Semi-final : Penticton 8 Aurora 5

Orillia Travelways : 3 3 0 25 7 6
Aurora Tigers : 3 2 1 16 22 4
Penticton Knights : 3 1 2 16 20 2
Cole Harbour Colts : 3 0 3 14 22 0

Round-robin scores;
Orillia 8 vs Cole Harbour 1
Aurora 8 vs Penticton 4
Penticton 9 vs Cole Harbour 6
Orillia 11 vs Aurora 3
Aurora 5 vs Cole Harbour 7
Orillia 6 vs Penticton 3

MVP : Adam Lewis, Orillia
Top Scorer : Joe Murphy, Penticton
Most Sportsmanlike : Joe Murphy, Penticton

All-Stars :
Centre : Adam Lewis, Orillia
Right Wing : Danton Cole, Aurora
Left Wing : Joe Murphy, Penticton
Defence : Jon Lawson, Orillia
Defence : Tim Paller, Penticton
Goal : Dennis Schrapp, Orillia

NAMES OF NOTE; Joe Murphy (Penticton), Danton Cole and Brian Fogarty (Aurora)


1986 - PENTICTON KNIGHTS at Cole Harbour, NS

Roster :
Jamie Loewen, Warren Sharples, Al Novakowski, Trevor Pochipinski, Cal Brown, Marc Rousseau, Peter de Graaf, Kevan Melrose, James Burnett, Lee Davidson, Kevin Therrien, David Shields, Greg Guidinger, Tim Flanagan, Greg Cyr, Laine Jeannotte, John dePourcq, Bill Thomas, Todd Torrens, Chris Anderson, Aaron Scott, Scott Rawson, Rod Sumners

General Manager/Coach : Rick Kozuback
Associate Coaches : Nick Iannone, Mike Barrett and Grant Konopaki
Trainer : George Munce

Final : Penticton 7 Cole Harbour 4
Semi-final : Penticton 7 Orillia 3

Cole Harbour Colts : 3 3 0 20 12 6
Penticton Knights : 3 2 1 16 11 4
Orillia Travelways : 3 1 2 11 17 2
Moncton Midland Hawks : 3 0 3 8 15 0

Round-robin scores;
Cole Harbour 6 vs Penticton 5
Moncton 3 vs Orillia 4
Cole Harbour 9 vs Orillia 5
Penticton 6 vs Moncton 3
Orillia 2 vs Penticton 5
Moncton 2 vs Cole Harbour 5

MVP : Kevan Melrose, Penticton
Top Scorer : Gary Thomas, Cole Harbour
Most Sportsmanlike : David Shields, Penticton

All-Stars :
Centre : David Shields, Penticton
Right Wing : Dwight Lucas, Cole Harbour
Left Wing : Garry Thomas, Cole Harbour
Defence : Kevan Melrose, Penticton
Defence : Barry Harrietha, Cole Harbour
Goal : Corry Amato, Orillia

NAMES OF NOTE : Ed Belfour (Winnipeg)


1987 - RICHMOND SOCKEYES at Humboldt, Sask.

Roster :
Frank Romeo, Glenn Pencer, Chris Dickson, Rob Sumner, Mike Claringbull, Dean Rutledge, Mike McCormick, Stan Czenczek, Paul Rutherford, Jason Phillips, Steve Jaques, Dave Tomlinson, Bryan Moller, Brian Kozak, Bill Hardy, Rob Clarke, Tony Bobbitt, Jim Gunn, Trevor Dickie, Matt Hervey, Jason Talo, Jamie Stewart

General Manager/Coach : Orland Kurtenbach
Assistant Coaches : Mike O'Brien and Eric Wolf
Trainer : Tom Harrison

Final : Richmond 5 Humboldt 2
Semi-final : Richmond 9 Pembroke 3

Humboldt Broncos : 3 3 0 17 5 6
Richmond Sockeyes : 3 2 1 12 10 4
Pembroke Lumber Kings : 3 1 2 11 12 2
Dartmouth Fuel Kids : 3 0 3 9 22 0

Round-robin scores;
Humboldt 7 vs Dartmouth 2
Dartmouth 3 vs Richmond 7
Pembroke 2 vs Humboldt 4
Richmond 1 vs Humboldt 6
Richmond 4 vs Pembroke 1
Pembroke 8 vs Dartmouth 4

MVP : Frank Romeo, Richmond
Top Scorer : Jason Phillips, Richmond
Most Sportsmanlike : Jason Phillips, Richmond

All-Stars :
Centre : Bill McDougall, Humboldt
Right Wing : Duncan Ryhorchuk, Humboldt
Left Wing : Jason Phillips, Richmond
Defence : Rob Rice, Humboldt
Defence : Matt Hervey, Richmond
Goal : Grant Robb, Pembroke

NAMES OF NOTE; Bruce Hoffort and Bill McDougall (Humboldt), Orland Kurtenbach, Dave Tomlinson and Matt Hervey (Richmond)


1988 - NOTRE DAME HOUNDS at Pembroke, Ont.

Roster :
Rod Brind'Amour, Dwayne Norris, Scott Pellerin, Llew NcWana, David Stevens, Jason Herter, Tim Green, Tom O'Rourke, Guy Sanderson, Greg Beaucage, Rob Schriner, Jody Messier, Brad Penner, Eric Scholfield, Curtis Joseph, Willie Mitchell, Steve Widmeyer, Derek Hopko, Stephane Gauvin, Darrin MacKay, Todd Clarke, Sandor Fizli, Jeff Batters

Coach : Barry McKenzie
Manager : Kelly Lovering

Final : Notre Dame 3 Halifax 2
Semi-final : Notre Dame 7 Pembroke 3

Halifax Lions : 3 2 1 17 14 4
Notre Dame Hounds : 3 2 1 18 16 4
Pembroke Lumber Kings : 3 2 1 15 13 4
Thunder Bay Flyers : 3 0 3 15 22 0

Round-robin scores
Halifax 6 vs Pembroke 4
Notre Dame 6 vs Halifax 5
Pembroke 7 vs Thunder Bay 4
Thunder Bay 7 vs Notre Dame 9
Halifax 6 vs Thunder Bay 4 (OT)
Pembroke 4 vs Notre Dame 3 (3OT)

MVP : Rod Brind'Amour, Notre Dame
Top Scorer : Rod Brind'Amour, Notre Dame
Most Sportsmanlike : Colin Power, Halifax

All-Stars :
Centre : Rod Brind'Amour, Notre Dame
Right Wing : Duane Saulnier, Halifax
Left Wing : Brian Downey, Pembroke
Defence : Joby Messier, Notre Dame
Defence : Kevin Reed, Pembroke
Goal : Darin Baker, Halifax

NAMES OF NOTE : Rod Brind'Amour, Curtis Joseph, Jason Herter, Scott Pellerin, Joby Messier (Notre Dame)


1989 - THUNDER BAY FLYERS at Summerside, PEI

Roster :
Todd Henderson, Don Osborne, Peter Grant, Chris Hynes, Greg Johnson, Jason Bortolussi, Mike Knapton, Brad Kennett, Dwight Degiacomo, Darryl Blazino, Wayne Sawchuk, Neal Purdon, Greg Hankkio, Garry Wenzel, Todd Haworth, Brian Caruso, Bruce Ramsay, Craig Pages, Barry McLeod, Ian Milne, Darren Leishman, Mike Power

General Manager : Ray Bohonis
Coach : Dave Siciliano
Assistant Coach : Sean Donohue

Final : Thunder Bay 4 Summerside 1
Semi-final : Summerside 3 Moncton 2(14 : 51 of the 3rd overtime period; 44 : 51 in total)

Thunder Bay Flyers : 3 2 1 18 9 4
Moncton Hawks : 3 2 1 13 11 4
Summerside Western Capitals : 3 2 1 13 14 4
Vernon Lakers : 3 0 3 8 18 0

Round-robin scores;
Vernon 2 vs Thunder Bay 8
Thunder Bay 4 vs Summerside 5
Moncton 5 vs Vernon 2
Summerside 3 vs Moncton 6
Moncton 2 vs Thunder Bay 6
Summerside 5 vs Vernon 4 (2OT)

MVP : Todd Henderson, Thunder Bay
Top Scorer : Greg Johnson, Thunder Bay
Most Sportsmanlike : Cam Sylven, Vernon Lakers

All-Stars :
Centre : Greg Johnson, Thunder Bay
Right Wing : Ken Murchison, Summerside
Left Wing : Jason Bortolussi, Thunder Bay
Defence : Rodney Gallant, Summerside
Defence : Stephane Duval, Moncton
Goal : Darin Baker, Moncton

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (Carling-O'Keefe/Canadian Airlines)
Winner : Greg Johnson, Thunder Bay Flyers (USHL)
Runners-up : Randy Olson, Humboldt Broncos (SJHL) Rodney MacArthur,Charlottetown Abbies (PEIJHL)

NAMES OF NOTE; Jason Marshall (Vernon), David Cameron (Summerside); Greg Johnson (Thunder Bay)

Format Change - Pacific region added, to go along with Host, Central, East & West regions, tournament round-robin, now two semifinals with winners qualifing for the final.


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1990 - VERNON LAKERS at Vernon, BC

Roster : Murray Caton, Dean Kuntz, Cam Sylven, Jason Elders, David Oliver, Rob Atkinson, Mike Dennis, Duane Dennis, Brad Neumeier, Dean Zayonce, Garth Geddes, Paul MacLean, Shane Morson, Chad Schraeder, Troy Ewanchyna, Don Monteith, Lorne Kanigan, Mike Knapton, Rylan Ferster, Barry McLeod, Marcel Aubin, Bruce Ramsay
Staff: General Manager : Mel Lis, Coach : Ed Johnstone, Assistant Coach : Keith Chase, Trainers : Vic Chenier and Sunny Jenkins

Final : Vernon 6 New Westminster 5 (OT)
Semi-Finals; Vernon 11 Nipawin 5, New Westminster 10 Longueuil 4

New Westminster Royals : 4 4 0 28 8 8
Vernon Lakers : 4 3 1 19 9 6
Nipawin Hawks : 4 2 2 12 10 4
Longueuil Sieurs : 4 1 3 12 24 2
Amherst Ramblers : 4 0 4 7 27 0

Round-robin scores;
Longueuil 1 vs Vernon 6
Nipawin 4 vs Amherst 3 (OT)
New Westminster 11 vs Longueuil 3
Amherst 0 vs New Westminster 9
Nipawin 1 vs Vernon 2 (OT)
Longueuil 2 vs Nipawin 5
Vernon 3 vs New Westminster 5
Vernon 8 vs Amherst 2
Amherst 2 vs Longueuil 6
New Westminster 3 vs Nipawin 2 (Abbott Cup Game)

MVP : Marc Alain Duchaine, Longueuil
Top Scorer : Kelly Jones, New Westminster
Most Sportsmanlike : Kelly Jones, New Westminster

All Stars :
Centre : Mark Karpen, New Westminster
Right Wing : David Oliver, Vernon
Left Wing : Al Wonitowy, Nipawin
Defence : Andrew Wolf, New Westminster
Defence : Dean Zayonce, Vernon
Goal : Lauren Belland, Nipawin

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (Molson/Canadian Airlines)
Winner : Duane Saulnier, Halifax Blizzards (MarJHL)



1991 - VERNON LAKERS at Sudbury, Ont.

Roster: Murray Caton, Mirko Pellizzari, Todd Jones, Marcel Aubin, Phil Esposito, Trevor Forsythe, Terry Klapstein, Rob Shypitka, Kris Bjornson, Mike Fischer, Scott Longstaff, Troy Becker, Shawn Potyok, Lorne Kanigan, David Vecchio, Dusty McLellan, Jeff Goren, Corey Spring, Drew Sawtell, Rick Eremenko, Jason Elders, Kevan Rilcof
Staff: General Manager : Mel Lis, Coach : Ed Johnstone, Assistant Coach : Keith Chase, Trainers : Wayne Sorci and Vic Chenier

Final : Vernon 8 Sudbury 4
Semi-Finals: Sudbury 5 Halifax 3, Vernon 7 Yorkton 5

Yorkton Terriers : 4 3 1 22 15 6
Halifax Jr.Canadians : 4 2 2 15 14 4
Sudbury Cubs : 4 2 2 16 21 4
Vernon Lakers : 4 2 2 14 20 4
Thunder Bay Flyers : 4 2 2 20 17 4

Round-robin scores;
Yorkton 8 vs Sudbury 4
Halifax 5 vs Thunder Bay 4
Halifax 8 vs Vernon 3
Thunder Bay 10 vs Sudbury 4
Yorkton 5 vs Halifax 2
Vernon 3 vs Thunder Bay 2
Yorkton 4 vs Vernon 5(OT) [Abbott Cup Game]
Halifax 0 vs Sudbury 2
Yorkton 5 vs Thunder Bay 4
Vernon 3 vs Sudbury 6

MVP : Andrew Backen, Thunder Bay
Top Scorer : Ryan Reynard, Thunder Bay
Most Sportsmanlike : George Burton, Sudbury

All Stars :
Forward : Wayne Strachan, Thunder Bay
Forward : Jason Elders, Vernon
Forward : Dana Drake, Halifax
Defence : Barry Cummins, Yorkton
Defence : Andrew Backen, Thunder Bay
Goal : Jocelyn Provost, Halifax

Winner : Devin Edgerton, Humboldt Broncos (SJHL), Runner-up : Paul Kariya, Penticton Panthers (BCJHL)


1992 - THUNDER BAY FLYERS at Winnipeg, Man.

Roster: Neil Cooper, Chris Burns, Mike Power, Jason Wright, Derek Nicholson, Andrew Backen, Ryan Sharpe, Mark Siciliano, Pat Hanley, Corey Johnson, Brad Kukko, Jamie Larson, Kevin Hoogsteen, Dave Olenik, Kyle Peterson, Barry Schutte, Greg Campagna, Adam Rodak, Darcy Mitani, Mike Kolranen, Clint Bates, Mike Bois, Mike Figliomeni, Darren Balcombe, Jason Garetti, Mike O'Leary, Lance Dyslevick
Staff: General Manager and Coach : Dave Siciliano, Assistant Coaches : Rick Adduonno and Doug Colboun, Trainer : Dino Martin

Final : Thunder Bay 10 Winkler 1
Semi-finals: Winkler 5 Vernon 2, Thunder Bay 8 Halifax 1

Vernon Lakers : 4 3 1 23 17 6
Thunder Bay Flyers : 4 2 2 23 20 4
Halifax Mooseheads : 4 2 2 22 22 4
Winkler Flyers : 4 2 2 18 21 4
St.James Canadians : 4 1 3 21 28 2

Round-robin scores;
Thunder Bay 7 vs St.James 4
Winkler 5 vs Halifax 3
Vernon 5 vs Thunder Bay 4 (2OT)
Halifax 6 vs Vernon 4
Winkler 8 vs St.James 4
Vernon 9 vs St.James 3
Thunder Bay 9 vs Winkler 2
St.James 10 vs Halifax 4
Halifax 9 vs Thunder Bay 3
Vernon 5 vs Winkler 3 [Abbott Cup Game]

MVP : Scott Longstaff, Vernon
Top Scorer : Scott Longstaff, Vernon
Most Sportsmanlike : Mike Figliomeni, Thunder Bay

All-Stars :
Centre : Scott Longstaff, Vernon
Right Wing : Michal Sup, Vernon
Left Wing : Glen Thornborough, Winkler
Defence : Dane Litke, Winkler
Defence : Jason Wright, Thunder Bay
Goal : Chris Burns, Thunder Bay

Winner : Paul Kariya, Penticton Panthers (BCJHL), Runners-up: Jordon Shields, Gloucester Rangers (CJHL), Craig Brocklehurst, Charlottetown Abbies (MarJHL), Derek Picklyk, St.James Canadians (ManJHL)


1993 - KELOWNA SPARTANS at Amherst, N.S.

Roster : Steffon Walby, Martin Masa, Curtis Fry, Marty Craigdaillie, Shane Johnson, Brendan Kenny, Joel Irwin, Jason Haakstad, Diano Zol, Brent Bradford, Silverio Mirao, Steve Roberts, Don Hearn, Dieter Kochan, David Dollack, Bobby Needham, Ryan Esselmont, Burt Henderson, Darren Tymchyshyn, Darren Hastman, Pavel Suchanek
Staff: Owner : Brent Parker, General Manager : Don Haakstad, Head Coach : Jim Hammett, Assistant Coach : Colin Ruck, Trainer : Gary Wilson

Final : Kelowna 7 Chateauguay 2
Semi-finals: Kelowna 4 Antigonish 1, Chateauguay 6 Amherst 5 (OT)

Kelowna Spartans : 4 4 0 27 12 8
Amherst Ramblers : 4 3 1 15 10 6
Chateauguay Elites : 4 2 2 13 14 4
Antigonish Bulldogs : 4 1 3 15 21 2
Flin Flon Bombers : 4 0 4 6 19 0

Round-robin scores;
Chateauguay 1 vs Amherst 2
Kelowna 8 vs Chateauguay 3
Flin Flon 2 vs Antigonish 4
Antigonish 4 vs Kelowna 10
Flin Flon 0 vs Amherst 6
Amherst 2 vs Kelowna 5
Chateauguay 5 vs Flin Flon 1
Amherst 5 vs Antigonish 4
Kelowna 4 vs Flin Flon 3 [Abbott Cup Game]
Antigonish 3 vs Chateauguay 4 (2OT)

MVP : Steffon Walby, Kelowna
Top Scorer : Martin Masa, Kelowna
Most Sportsmanlike : Martin Duval, Chateauguay

All-Stars :
Centre : Curtis Fry, Kelowna
Right Wing : Martin Masa, Kelowna
Left Wing : Steffon Walby, Kelowna
Defence : John Copley, Amherst
Defence : Neil Sorochan, Antigonish Goal : Todd Hunter, Amherst

Winner : Derek Cormier, Moncton-Dieppe Beavers (MarJHL), Runners-up: Dieter Kochan, Kelowna Spartans (BCJHL), Dean Gerard, Melfort Mustangs (SJHL), Blake Martin, Ottawa Junior Senators (CJHL)


1994 - OLDS GRIZZLYS at Olds, Alta.

Roster : Tyler Graham, Jeramie Heistad, Clay Awe, Gary Lebsack, Curtis Sheptak, Josh Erdman, Aaron Zimmel, Chad Sturrock, Casson Masters, Chad Nelson, Drew Ginther, Joe Murphy, Sheldon Szmata, John Dlouhy, Kevin McDonald, Miro Skovira, Jeff Greig, John Pouzar, Mark Tatar, Dave Kirkpatrick, Danny Heilman, Greg Ambrose, Tim Busch, Ryan Ayley, Ian Perkins, Richard Parent
Staff: President : Al Halverson, General Manager : Bob Clark, Head Coach : Chris Stewart, Assistant Coach : Cliff Murphy, Trainers : Bob Burnett, Tyler Wallace and Brian Lentz

Final : Olds 5 Kelowna 4 (OT)
Semi-finals: Olds 4 Weyburn 3, Kelowna 3 Chateauguay 1

Olds Grizzlys : 4 4 0 31 6 8
Kelowna Spartans : 4 3 1 21 17 6
Chateauguay Elites : 4 2 2 24 24 4
Weyburn Red Wings : 4 1 3 9 19 2
Antigonish Bulldogs : 4 0 4 8 28 0

Round-robin scores;
Chateauguay 3 vs Olds 11
Kelowna 5 vs Weyburn 2
Chateauguay 9 vs Antigonish 1
Antigonish 4 vs Kelowna 5
Olds 5 vs Weyburn 0 [Abbott Cup Game]
Weyburn 4 vs Antigonish 3 (2OT)
Weyburn 3 vs Chateauguay 6
Olds 5 vs Kelowna 2
Kelowna 9 vs Chateauguay 6
Antigonish 1 vs Olds 10

MVP : Tyler Graham, Olds
Top Scorer : Martin Duval, Chateauguay
Most Sportsmanlike : Bill Muckalt, Kelowna

All-Stars :
Centre : Christian Desrochers, Chateauguay
Right Wing : Joe Murphy, Olds
Left Wing : Martin Duval, Chateauguay
Defence : John Dlouhy, Olds
Defence : Chad Sturrock, Olds
Goal : Travis Kirby, Weyburn

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (as selected by the CJAHL) Winner : Martin Duval, Chateauguay Elite (QJAHL), Runners-up: Ryan Smith, St.James Canadians (ManJHL), Kyle Miller, Nipawin Hawks (SJHL)


1995 - CALGARY CANUCKS at Gloucester,Ont.

Roster : Mitchell Ferguson, Joel Bond, Mikki Lanuk, Michael Lowe, Brad Tilford, Mike Pozzo, Dion Wandler, Jason Abramoff, Eoin Colquhoun, Steve Wiggins, Chris Jensen, Scott Wagner, Greg Eisler, Jason Rohatensky, Craig Adams, Jason Carriere, Ryan Chaytors, Kyle Edwards, Calvin Aspholm, Trevor Murray, Terry Ferguson, Craig Stenhouse, David Weninger, Ryan McIntosh
Staff: General Manager : Morley Bengert, Head Coach : Don Phelps, Assistant Coach : Wayne Andrews, Trainers : Darcy Bishop and Ryan Vardy

Final : Calgary 5 Gloucester 4 (OT)
Semi-finals: Calgary 5 Thunder Bay 3, Gloucester 4 Winnipeg 1

Calgary Canucks : 4 3 1 15 10 6
Gloucester Rangers : 4 2 2 19 12 4
Winnipeg South Blues : 4 2 2 17 18 4
Thunder Bay Flyers : 4 2 2 14 16 4
Joliette National : 4 1 3 7 16 2

Round-robin scores :
Joliette 0 vs Gloucester 7
Winnipeg 6 vs Thunder Bay 4
Calgary 1 vs Joliette 5 (Protest upheld, 1-0 for Calgary)
Winnipeg 2 vs Gloucester 6
Thunder Bay 0 vs Calgary 6
Gloucester 4 vs Calgary 5
Joliette 5 vs Winnipeg 3
Gloucester 2 vs Thunder Bay 5
Calgary 3 vs Winnipeg 6 [Abbott Cup Game]
Thunder Bay 5 vs Joliette 2

MVP : Mitch Grant, Winnipeg South
Top Scorer : Calvin Chartrand, Winnipeg South
Most Sportsmanlike : Curtis Bois, Thunder Bay

All-Stars :
Forward : Curtis Bois, Thunder Bay
Forward : Mitch Grant, Winnipeg South
Forward : Craig Fitzgerald, Gloucester
Defence : Mitchell Ferguson, Calgary
Defence : Luc Bilodeau, Joliette
Goal : Brian Greer, Gloucester

JUNIOR 'A' PLAYER OF THE YEAR; (as selected by the CJAHL) Winner : Cory Cyrenne, St.Boniface Saints (ManJHL), Runners-up: Curtis Bois, Thunder Bay Flyers (USHL), Trevor MacLean, Antigonish Bulldogs (MarJHL)



Hockey League Abbreviations : AJHL - Alberta Junior Hockey League, BCHL - British Columbia Hockey League, BCJHL - British Columbia Junior Hockey League, CJAHL - Canadian Junior Amateur Hockey League, CJHL - Central Junior Hockey League, EJHL - Eastern Junior Hockey League, PEIJHL - Prince Edward Island Junior Hockey League, LHAAAHL - Ligue Du Hockey Junior AAA Du Quebec, MJHL - Manitoba Junior Hockey League, ManJHL & MJHL - Manitoba Junior Hockey League, MHL - Maritime Hockey League, MJAHL - Maritime Junior A Hockey League MarJHL - Maritime Junior A Hockey League, NOJHA - Northern Ontario Junior Hockey Association, NOJHL - Norther Ontario Junior Hockey League, OPJHL - Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League, PCJHL - Peace Cariboo Junior Hockey League, QJAHL - Quebec Junior Amateur Hockey League, SIJHL - Superior International Junior Hockey Leaue, SJHL - Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, SOJHL - Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League, TBAHA - Thunder Bay Amateur Hockey Association, USHL - United States Hockey League



Central = Dudley Hewitt Cup - Host,OPJHL,NOJHL,SIJHL
East = Fred Page Cup - Host,MJAHL,LHJAAAQ,CJHL
Pacific = Doyle Cup* - BCHL vs AJHL
West = Anavet Cup* - SJHL vs MJHL
* = Not Played Starting 2013 to 2017, Reinstated 2018
West 1 = Western Canada Cup# - Host,BCHL,AJHL,SJHL,MJHL (Winner 1vs2)
West 2 = Western Canada Cup# - Host,BCHL,AJHL,SJHL,MJHL ([Winner 3vs4] vs [Losser 1vs2]
# = Played from 2013 - 2017, discontinued for 2018