"Vernon Junior Hockey Alumni Association"



Why Have An Alumni Association?

The first and most obvious benefit is the opportunity to connect with previous teammates. As the years pass, you can lose touch with the guys you went to war with. The Alumni organization can not only provide contact information; it can help you organize events that can bring people together.

Those of you in business know all about the advantages of having a good contact network. Alumni associations provide an avenue to help you build your network.

Down the road, as the association signs up a substantial number of members, it could negotiate favourable rates for it's members with a variety of merchants, just as organizations such the CAA have done.

The Alumni Association also publishes a newsletter which can be sent, via email, to any member that would like one.

Current Alumni Directors

The following alumni have volunteered to develop and guide the association in its early stages.

  • Ed Johnstone(player), 1970-72 Vikings / 1989-92, Lakers Head Coach
  • Marty Stein(player), 1972-75 Essos and Vikings
  • Lennie Rampone(player), 1997-99 Vipers
  • Todd Miller, 2003-13 Viper Play by Play Broadcaster / 2014-current Viper Executive Vice President
  • Aaron Volpatti(player), 2003-05 Vipers
  • David Robinson(player), 2009-11 Vipers / 2012-14 Vipers Asstistant Coach
  • Colton Sparrow, 2010-14 Vipers / 2020-21 Off-Ice Development Coach / 2021-22 Viper Asstistant Coach
  • Don Klepp, 2003-22 Viper Education Advisor / 2005-18 Vipers Play by Play Colour Commentor

Building The Contact List:


The goal for the alumni organization is to achieve a membership of at least 500 participants.

You can help make the alumni organization stronger and stronger. They believe in strength in numbers, because the more members they have, the more benefits they can make available.

Here's what you can do:

If you or any of your former teammates haven't yet signed up, they encourage you and them to do so.

Please, send contact information to vernonvipersalumni "at" gmail "dot" com

You can also reach out on their FACEBOOK page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/vernonvipersalumni/



Signed by Don Klepp

Vernon Hockey History - The Book

Vernon has a rich and varied hockey history that goes back to 1894. Yes, 1894!

If you were a member of one of the Vernon Junior A teams you are thus part of a tradition and a strong cultural phenomenon that goes back more than 125 years. As a Vernon Junior player, you're well aware of the connection between the community and the hockey players who have represented that community. So, whether your team lost 46 of 56 or your team won 51 out of 60, you are part of a proud tradition that has produced exciting Junior A hockey in Vernon for 60 years so far.

That tradition has been chronicled in a book researched, written, and published by Don Klepp, with support from the Vipers. The book covers every era and every team, so you are in that book. If you don't already have a copy, you can get one by visiting the Viper office or by phoning 250-542-6022. The cost is $25, including taxes, plus shipping.